Custom design & fabrication

Metal colours

Eykon products are offered in a wide range of attractive metal finishes to compliment your home and outdoors.

These finishes are achieved by means of a specialised process whereby paint "powder" is electrostatically applied onto the treated metal. Once applied, the furniture is then baked to create the elegant yet resilient finish that will retain its beauty and lustre for many years.

Stone table tops

Durable stone tops combine the most important elements for any table top – Beauty and strength. 

We only source the finest quality granite, marble and caesarstone, our table tops are 20mm thick with a polished square edge.

Available in a wide range of colours all extremely strong and resilient and is the perfect material for your design.


Glass is an ideal material for table tops – being strong, hygienic and allowing the beauty of Eykon craftsmanship to be seen.

As standard, 10mm Glass is used for dining tables and 8mm Glass is used on smaller items such as coffee tables and lamp stands. All glass used is toughened and complies with SABS standards 

We are able to source glass in bespoke sizes and finishes 


We are extremely lucky to work with infinitely variable and immensely beautiful wood ranging from native to exotic hardwoods. One of the fundamental joys of making beautiful furniture is working with these materials. Each timber has its own character. Each board is different. Some species cut under the chisel like hard cheese. Others have all the hardness and resilience of mild steel but without the coldness of touch.

We have a stock here of exceptional timber that we are reserving for our clients’ work. All we need is the encouragement from a client with vision and imagination.


Bespoke furniture is simply furniture that has been made to measure according to what you want to use it for and how you want it to look

It would be really helpful if you can include a few factors when enquiring i.e:
Will the piece be for indoor or outdoor use? 

Do you have an idea of finish or base material? 

What will it be used for? 

If you can include a rough sketch that would be even better!

We always enjoy bespoke work and making your creation come to life